Jakob Weise grew up in Faxe, a small town south of Copenhagen, Denmark.  Currently, Jakob is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based musician, producer, and songwriter with a penchant for smooth grooves, dance melodies, and fluid instrumental arrangements that contain a slightly urban edge and pop presence.  Jakob plays the keyboard, piano, and guitars, but vocals are his forte.  The music is steeped in pop-centric grooves with an electronic and urban undercurrent that exudes contemporary arrangements with catchy elements.  Jakob’s musical origins are traced back to age eleven, when the piano and singing abilities were honed.  At age twelve, Jakob formed his first band called The Rockabillies, which played rock ‘n’ roll from the 1950s.  A year later, Jakob recorded an album called Dream Girl at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN with Carl Perkins.  “Dream Girl,” the title song on the album, was the first original song written by Jakob.  

As his musical tastes developed with more soul and funk, his first home studio was created at age sixteen with support from his parents.  Jakob attended college, but did not graduate, due to the ability to tour at a young age.  Jakob’s dedication to music stems from a creative, ambitious, honest, and humble work-ethic that is never boring and always inspiring. Jakob loves music: “it gives me a kick when he listens to something he thinks really works well or a vocalist that really touches him. It motivates and drives me – to go to the studio…and try to do something new and exciting.”  Furthermore, Jakob “tries to write songs with depth and existential themes: Why do we love, what is our purpose, and what can we learn from our experiences. His emotional and sensitive sides are often reflected in his music.”  However, Jakob is now a solo-artist, co-founder, and partner (along the acclaimed-Henrik Lund) at the new independent label, NO RECORDS Copenhagen.

Jakob’s unique combination of being a producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and artist at the same time allows everything to be rather connected – from the creative idea to the finished product.  Jakob’s ability to create moving songs and memorable moments is not unlike other musicians and “the feeling that tomorrow you could write a song that could potentially change your life” is a notion that is a reality (or at least a possibility) for musicians everywhere.  Jakob is an idealist and believes in making the world a better place by clean-living, living a health-conscious lifestyle, and making great music that “gets you thinking.”

Jakob released two previous albums with the group The Loft.  Both albums, No Ordinary Man and Little Paul’s BLVD, both sold gold.  Two of the songs from the aforementioned albums were inspired by Jakob’s father’s surrender to cancer in 2001.  “No Ordinary Man” and “Forever” were songs about his father and both became national hits.  

Jakob’s commitment to music stems from an inner drive and creative professionalism that never ceases.  Essentially, Jakob wants to “strike a balance between the crystal clear commercial sound and something that gets you thinking.”  On making-it in the music industry, Jakob believes in being able “to continually express himself creatively and support his family doing what he loves.”


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